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Aiaqua is a China and Australia joint venture cooperation. The partners from Australia have experience building chlorinators and cell electrodes since 1992. The partner from China is a MA graduate, from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and he has set up a young talent team in Shenzhen. AIAQUA’s integrated offering covers a wide range of services: software, electronics, PCB layout, mechanical design, outlook design, front-end interface development, mechanical package design, advanced test development, product industrialization, assembly, and mass production.  Branded Products in our own line of pool chlorinators, TDS testers and cell electrodes distributed under the Crystal Aquatic Systems brand.
With Australia’s valuable experience, sound design, and the advantages of R&D coupled with manufacturing in Shenzhen, this allows us to provide the highest quality in procurement and products, at economical rates, on a global platform. We use a local, reliable, well established supply chain of partners and proven sourcing networks to obtain the most economical quality based cost per part. 
Safety, health, and environmental policies AIAQUA: We have Occupational health management for all employees, Occupational health examination for every year. Fire protection and Safe production inspection every week as per Chinese government request.  Debris from production were classified for Environmental friendly. All of these are the basics to make AIAQUA run safely and go well.
The AIAQUA factory is set over 2500SQM and we employ over 30 staff. We have an R&D department with software, hardware and outlook design engineers. AIAQUA has full production facilities with a strong production team, quality control team and warehouse management team. The quality control has incoming material/parts inspection, in production and final product inspections. AIAQUA has a supply chain management team, all our suppliers are thoroughly reviewed and all suppliers are constantly graded. Our HR department manages recruitment and employment, training, salaries, staff information, staff health and social welfare plus numerous other initiative to create a buzzing new age environment. All the staff in AIAQUA have clear, consulted, working KPI agreements. 
We as a company are committed to show loving care for the staff and formulate employee motivation through many extramural activities.